Algorithms for analyzing riverbed clogging through visualization functions, geospatial interpolation, and a novel fuzzy degree of clogging

The BedAnalyst (flusstools.bedanalyst) modules provide Python3 functions for many sorts of substrate samples to analyze so-called riverbed clogging.



Import bedanalyst from flusstools:

from flusstools import bedanalyst as bea

Example (code block)#

from flusstools import bedanalyst as bea
clogging_pars = bea.fuzzy_analyze("/sample-data/sample.csv")

Example (showcase)#

A showcase is provided with the ROOT/examples/bedanalyst-showcase/degree_clogging/ script that illustrates

Code structure#

The following diagram highlights function locations in Python scripts and how those are linked to each other.


The modules cd_profiles, nABP_degree_clogging, and interp_z2shp are independent from the degree_clogging module.

Script and function docs#

Package Head: bedanalyst#

Another algorithm degree_clogging#

Another algorithm interp_z2shp#