Become a contributor#

Most team members joined in the framework of their Bachelor or Master’s Thesis with innovative contributions. So if you are a student and you want to contribute to flusstools, why not in the scope of an innovative thesis? Check out our currently open Bachelor and Master Thesis topics.

Obviously you do not have to be a student to join us - please use Sebastian Schwindt s informal contact form - quick response (most of the time) for sure.

How to document#

This package uses Sphinx readthedocs and the documentation regenerates automatically after pushing changes to the repositories main branch.

To set styles, configure or add extensions to the documentation use ROOT/.readthedocs.yml and ROOT/docs/

Functions and classes are automatically parsed for docstrings and implemented in the documentation. hylas docs use google style docstring formats - please familiarize with the style format and strictly apply in all commits.

To modify this documentation file, edit ROOT/docs/index.rst (uses reStructuredText format).

In the class or function docstrings use the following section headers:

  • Args (alias of Parameters)

  • Arguments (alias of Parameters)

  • Attention

  • Attributes

  • Caution

  • Danger

  • Error

  • Example

  • Examples

  • Hint

  • Important

  • Keyword Args (alias of Keyword Arguments)

  • Keyword Arguments

  • Methods

  • Note

  • Notes

  • Other Parameters

  • Parameters

  • Return (alias of Returns)

  • Returns

  • Raise (alias of Raises)

  • Raises

  • References

  • See Also

  • Tip

  • Todo

  • Warning

  • Warnings (alias of Warning)

  • Warn (alias of Warns)

  • Warns

  • Yield (alias of Yields)

  • Yields

For local builds of the documentation, the following packages are required:

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip python-setuptools
sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev zlib1g-dev
apt-cache search libffi
sudo apt-get install -y libffi-dev
sudo apt-get install python3-dev default-libmysqlclient-dev
sudo apt-get install python3-dev
sudo apt-get install redis-server

To generate a local html version of the hylas documentation, cd into the docs directory and type:

make html

Learn more about Sphinx documentation and the automatic generation of Python code docs through docstrings in the tutorial provided at

Implement new stuff#

All contributors, please respect the Zen of Python (import this).

How to add new package or library imports:

  • Add it to the global import management file (ROOT/ within an try-except-ImportError statement (read more).

  • If you need to import a library or package that is not yet listed in the ROOT/environments.yml and ROOT/requirements.txt files, please make sure to add the new library or package in both files.

  • Add the new library or package to the autodoc_mock_imports list in ROOT/docs/

  • Update the version number according to the CONTRIBUTING standards.

Please use PEP 8 for any code (read more on and try to keep the number of lines per script below 150 (it’s hard or even apparently impossible sometimes - just try please).


Only push debugged code to the main branch - Thank you!